who is this

the band is us. we despise art. and music. but due to a surplus of leisure, astonishing skills and some miraculous twists around the lips (making the maids pregnant just from the look) we do the world a favour. we dont write songs. the songs write us. we note that with all the humbleness necessary. youre welcome.


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sándor todorov

sándor todorov was fathered by an act of impudence. rumour has it that he is an offspring of an incesticide relation between hypnos, god of sleep, and his mother nyx, goddes of the night. thats crap since T. suffers from insomnia and fears the darkness. after many dark ages of men in modern times again he had some spectacular performances for example as he discovered penicillin, invented the guitar while he fought sodomy in gomorrha, as the man who shot andy warhol and as brad pitt in fight club. he met his comrade and instrumentalist-in-law Passepartout when the berlin wall was torn down and they suddenly were eyeball to eyeball to each other. Prior they knew each other quite well cos according to their depiction they kept in touch over the years thru a hole in the berlin wall, exchanging ideologies, arguments and milk rolls. later they noticed that it wasnt the berlin wall but a socialist monument that kept them apart. bringing that up today theyre becoming silent. very silent. and angered. T. suffers from the tourette syndrome. during one fit P. accompanied him with some guitar tunes - the chevaliers were born! whereabouts unknown. he managed that no pictures could be taken so the descriptions of his outer appearence differ enormously. one thing for sure: hes shemale.

dylan passepartout

passepartout was born in paris during the french revolution. his parents fled from the revolutionary chaos to italy, where P. first laid hands on a piece of hollow wood with strings. this was later identified as one of the first guitars, built by all-around genius leonardo da vinci. while leonardo intended the object only as a storage box for confidential files, P. used it in a new way to produce awkward and weird sounds. after an uneventful youth behind the iron curtain he stranded in the town of prague. here he made the acquaintance of an unkown writer, who was then working for an insurance company. despite having encouraged him with his creative endeavours, his friend died very soon. P. was in a foul mood after some untalented fool earned all the credit for publishing the works of his writer-friend. he set out to find a new collaborator. when P. came across T. it was obvious that this broken-down man in the gutter had to be the next great discovery of this century. using the techniques on the guitar he refined over the course of over 200 years, P. is a crucial part of the overall sound of chevaliers.